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Do You Have the Tools to Succeed?

You can find affiliate links anywhere.
Here at Commission River, we provide you with everything you need to succeed selling communications services, including:

  1. Affiliate links to the top telecommunications and credit card products
  2. XML Plug-ins that help you convert a greater percentage of your web traffic into sales
  3. Search engine optimization tools which leverage the strength of our entire affiliate base

Commission River is the "triple-play" of companies. We specialize in telecommunications so that we can be the best at what we do. If you are an internet entreprenuer, or would like to become one, Commission River gives you the best chance at success - all without charging any fees to gain access to our tools. You can't lose!

  • Volume-based compensation plan
  • Free XML Plug-in technology
  • Free SEO training and tools
  • Detailed sales and activity reports
  • One-level recruiting overrides
  • No cost to join

Commission River is Unique
Commission River was built to give you an unfair advantage in the marketplace. Our technology will allow you to send your clients here without worrying if the site is too cumbersome to navigate. Likewise, you'll be able to see how we market these services so that you can generate ideas for your own web sites:

  • Access to a personal Agent Back Office
  • International and domestic best rates calculator
  • Randomized content management software
  • Brand new GeoQuote commercial telecom calculator

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XML Plugins

Behind the scenes at Commission River, we've been hard at work developing a number of new Internet marketing tools for the exclusive use of our agents, such as XML plug-in modules which compare rates and features of different Commission River product categories. All plug-in modules can be fully customized and seamlessly integrated to match the look and feel of your existing website. If you already have your own website, simply copy and paste the code of the comparison module you want to use into the existing HTML code. That's it! These modules will not only allow you to develop your own completely customized sales websites, but should greatly improve your chances of becoming favorably indexed on Google and other leading search engines.

Generous Compensation Plan
Commission River's compensation plan is based on years of experience in telecommunications industry and it gives every agent an opportunity to get the "big" commission, all while paying the highest base rate in the industry.

Each agent gets paid according to the Pay Level (or Tier) they have earned. The Pay Level is determined by the sales volume you achieve over a 90 day window. Once you advance a Tier, you stay advanced for the next 2 months, even if you don't hit the volume requirement again. You will also earn a tiered override on all agents you personally recruit.

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Real World Training

Our marketing department offers live training calls that often feature special guests from some of our select service provider companies. These same marketing specialists are also available to assist you in closing complex accounts, should you have a prospect interested in our products and services, and you feel you need professional help...

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