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Publishers (Affiliate) Commisisons

The most generous and rewarding plan on the market! We understand that our business depends on our agents so we want them to be happy!

About Compensation Plan

At Commission River we believe that incentive pay is an important part of our compensation plan. Incentive pay shows appreciation and creates a sense of participation in the company's well-being that straight commission dollars, no matter how large, don't convey. A well-designed incentive-pay plan can also help pull people together, help point them in the direction they want to go, and give that extra push that every company needs in today's competitive environment.

Our three tier commission structure does exactly that. Any agent can increase their monthly earnings with a modest amount of effort. Too often the bar is set so high, the average individual feels defeated before they even begin. At Commission River, we feel that even a handful of sales warrant some kind of incentive pay. Your interest may lie in selling financial services, so we believe that if you excel in that particular category, you deserve to be rewarded across the board, regardless of what you happen to sell.

The premise of how we reward our agents is simple, the more you EARN, the more you EARN. As a Commission River agent, your level of compensation will be based on your previous paycheck amount. Once your personal earnings exceed $1,000 in a single month, our intuitive commission software will automatically elevate your commissions from Tier I to Tier II. When you crest the $5,000 threshold, you will graduate to Tier III, our highest level.

Additional Override Benefits

Commission River also recognizes that you should be well compensated for personally recruiting agents that can sell. We offer a simple two tier system, where you can recruit a single level of override commissions for yourself.

You will earn up to 5% commission override on each of your personally recruited affiliates who earn tier I commissions on the sale of any product or service (EX: Your affiliate earns $100 in cellular commission, you earn $5.00 from their Tier 1 commissions)

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